Digital Media Labs 2015 After the success of Digital Media Labs 2014, it seemed inevitable that there would be another one and with the support of a new sponsor, the University of Leeds, our 2015 edition ‘Digital Outsiders’ came into being. With the third iteration of digital media Labs, we created a conceptual structure around the theme of the ‘digital outsider’, providing a starting point or provocation for the participating artists to explore if they wished. The concept of the ‘digital outsider’ first poses the question of ‘are you on the outside or the inside?’. Thinking about the notion of the digital out- sider for us was about taking a distinctly personal perspective from which to examine the digital world and that which is thought of as being ‘outside’ of the digital! our your ideas digitally inclusive or digitally exclusive? See all the artists’ journey from their blog posts over the week. Partner organisation Octopus hosted the lab in their Barrow-in-Furness studio, situated in a widely used Victorian park on the industrial fringe of the Lake District, that functioned as a testbed for ideas and prototypes.

‘If you’re not lost, how are you going to find yourself ?’

Artists 2015

On the first day of the Lab we hold a symposium made up of presentations by the participating ten artists. They have all met the night before (many for the first time) and have been introduced to where they will be working and to the history and ideas that brought the Lab into being.

Our 10 artists for the ‘Digital Outsider’ edition nominated by

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Hwa Young Jung
Hwa Young Jung   Hwa Young is an award winning multi-disciplinary designer working in the arts, cultural and…

Radamés Ajna
Radamés Ajna

I'm a Brazilian multimedia artist based in Liverpool, my background is in physics, mathematics and…

Tim Brunsden
Tim Brunsden Tim describes himself as filmmaker and visual artist who enjoys making films with a focus…

Adam Cooper
Adam Cooper In Atoms exists in the gaps between all things, in the dusty crevices and grimy…

James Medd
James Medd

I’m an artist, musician, and maker based in Leeds, UK. I like to think my…

Monika Dutta
Monika Dutta

  Monika Dutta has exhibited on an international scale and worked collaboratively to deliver works…

Shelly Knotts
Shelly Knotts Shelly is a data-musician who presents live-coded and network music internationally, collaborating with computers and…

Gemma May Latham
Gemma May Latham

As a participatory artist, I magnify and expand textile processes, utilising accessible materials to engage…

Gina Czarnecki
Gina Czarnecki

Over the last 30 years my work has primarily been creating video and installations. These…

Toni Buckby
Toni Buckby

Toni Buckby is a Sheffield based artist working with fine embroidery, drawing and digital making.…

Digital Outsiders  

The artists who have left their comfort zone and their familiar practice and kept going are now deep into a new landscape; seeing how they can literally stitch, stick, glue and dovetail their ideas of making and working with the digital. Other artists have worked out how they can utilise the resources to generate a new work or new draft. Other artists have perhaps found them- selves using this time to reflect on their practice as a whole, the impact of not delivering to brief and being outside of your comfort zone with no need to make breakfast lunch or dinner can leave you with very few places to go!

Tramadol Order Overnight For some, it was clear to my mind, that the time and context had given them a tangible creative path or tool that they would not have encountered without meeting and working alongside the others of us there; for others, and I include myself here, the week seemed to have given us breathing space.


Artists’ Diary Presentation day is an opportunity to reveal the experience of being on the Lab to the other artists and guests who attend this final activity. As I stressed to the artists over the course of the week, there is no pressure and no need to apply the process of being on the Lab to a product or an outcome.

Purchase Tramadol Cod Fedex I want to capture some of the curiosity again. That drive to explore and experiment. This DML’s been so good for that. I’m curious about things – and want to be start sowing seeds.

Presentations are not a pitch, they are an opportunity for personal perspectives, an opportunity to open up and share your experience. This does not mean that artists don’t give presentations for work made or in development but it does mean there will be a variety of outcomes. If there is to be work beyond the this rare opportunity to reflect on their practice and debate it with people with a fresh perspective, then it is most likely to be a product or project that grows out of the experience and the new networks which have been set up through the Lab. As is our way, we would always suggest that if you want to know what the artist did during the week and perhaps what they thought and did, then there is a blog for that…

…Maybe i could use some sort of tweezers to guide the needles into places I can’t get my fingers because adding an extra level of manual difficulty is always a fun game….
Oh and I’ve got to pull apart a CD player when I get home to get the lense out to stick to the camera module to make it super macro… And I must get online and find a decent MUD emulator…And start playing with pattern compression… wonder if I could add more cameras to the glove… And while I think about it…

Lab Book 2015

To order a copy please email:

Glenn [at]

I’ve tried to think about my work as perpetually in the experimentation phase. Some- thing that doesn’t have an end – and therefore can’t be fails – yet/ever. It’s comforting to delude myself to this state – something that’s not really grounded in reality. But that’s what this week is. Suspended and cut off from the day to day real world of consequenc- es, criticisms and repercussions.


Digital Media Labs presented the works from the lab at :

3rd Nov 2015 | ODI Summit 2015 | BFI London

19th Nov 2015 | Access Space Sheffield 

21th Nov 2015 | Crumb Newcastle


Digital Media Labs 2015 is kindly sponsored by


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