A trip to Piel Island – I’m thinking about blurred edges, the sea fading into the sky. These sorts of places always make me think about scale, in the vastness of these landscapes I get an overwhelming sense of the sublime and begin to think about infinity. It produces an almost terrifying sense of calm in me – I’m sure I’m not the only one judging by the number of people wandering about alone and staring out into the sea. I was hooked up to Gemma’s EEG headset this morning – it was a strange but genuinely delightful thing to make the little onscreen cube move by just thinking and watch the lines of my brainwaves on the screen (plus I got to wear the awesome sci-fi looking hat) We are now discussing different ways to try and make me uncomfortable when I’m working to see what that does to the readings… I also had a great conversation with Radamés about creating digital models of the thread networks for the boxes – the maths boggles the mind slightly but I think with his help we can come up with something and in return, I’m giving him a sewing lesson.

Online Tramadol I’m thinking about what lies beyond the surface, extending and connecting points.

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