Up until now I haven’t said anything about the past three nights and two days. Mainly because I hadn’t quite known exactly what it was i’d been thinking. Along the way there have been so many thoughts, so many different ideas and propositions to engage with, it has been difficult to shape all the thought-material into language that one can write in sentences. It has perhaps been a short time of knowing so much but not knowing what it is I know. I realise I often feel that way about code.

Cheap Tramadol Fast Shipping Today had the potential to be the last sunny Sunday of the summer, although the forecast has set out an Indian Summer ahead of us. How fortuitous then that our hosts had planned a teeny tiny boat ride to a teeny tiny island, made up in the main of beach of one form or another, and begging me to walk all the way around the edge of it with my dv camera pointing out to the water and running a continuous shot.


Order 180 Tramadol Cod As I walked, I began to think how I could be seen to be playing with a structure I have utilised throughout my practice over the past twenty five years; the film loop. I wondered if the fact that I was walking a circle would be evident in the footage of an endlessly passing water’s edge. Would the slowly shifting angle of light bend the viewer’s comprehension of a straight line into the circle that it was?

Can You Get Tramadol Online The full Harvest super moon shines bloody through an eclipse tonight, so circles, cycles, tides and time are somehow weaving the multiple threads of the previous days into something that I hope will become beautiful as I stop thinking and start making.