We started the day with an intro to all the kit at the Lab with Dave. Super exciting fun stuff to play with! A lot of the kit list terms meant nothing to me and my lack of knowledge when it came to cameras, projectors, lights, monitors etc became glaringly obvious to me. I’m hoping I will absorb some information and become a become a bit more familiar with this kind of kit as the week progresses, even if by some kind of osmosis.

Having been reflecting on the notion of hand work vs digital and interested in Toni’s explorations into blind stitching I found myself drawn first person Viewer and camera set up.Not sure why yet, but felt there were connections and possibilities.

But……there was barely any time to absorb thoughts and gather a plan of action before we were whisked off on a field trip. Of course this was not forced and I did feel torn between staying to play with tech or getting away with the group but I was trying to embrace the week …plus the picnic was going with them!

Armed with a picnic we took a little boat ride across to Piel Island and spent a lovely few hours exploring, relaxing, reflecting, chatting and laughing. Being isolated on this small, remote, beautiful island was a reminder that stepping away is a good thing….although I am now pretty eager to make some progress with the ideas that are brewing.