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DMLabs is an ongoing series of research and development labs for artists working with technology to apply their processes to new contexts, to hothouse ideas and create new collaborations within a specially nominated peer group.


Why DMLabs?

Today’s professional artists and makers have little time to research and develop new ideas and processes. Typically working on several projects at any one time, freelancers often find themselves having to fall back on their existing ideas to fulfill the demands of modern commissions and residencies, many of which leave little time and budget for original research and experimentation.

From our own experience in managing and creating public art, we felt that artists can easily become overly reliant on what they already know when working on a commission without dedicated research and development time, often to the detriment of their own creative and professional development.

‘Artists sometimes tie themselves in knots. Digital Media Labs was the most fun way imaginable to untie some of those knots.’

Neil Winterburn, participant in Digital Media Labs 2014

This is where Digital Media Labs comes in. We invite practitioners from across a range of disciplines to develop new skills and prototype works in a dedicated environment in order to advance their practice along new lines. Part of our approach at Digital Media Labs is simply about removing the everyday obstacles that sit between focused creativity, multi-media play and new creative works. We primarily work with practitioners specialising in visual arts, sound and moving image but participants have also included makers, musicians and animators.


The DMLabs Network has 30 artists so far, with far ranging practices, skillsets & backgrounds. Each Lab purposely has a diverse demographic so artists of all experiences can learn from each other.

Below are a selection of five random artists from across the labs,  see all 30 of them here.

Lawrence Molloy
Lawrence Molloy

I am a visual artist who utilises the absurd in order to engage audiences in…

Toni Buckby
Toni Buckby

Toni Buckby is a Sheffield based artist working with fine embroidery, drawing and digital making.…

Hwa Young Jung
Hwa Young Jung

  Hwa Young is an award winning multi-disciplinary designer working in the arts, cultural and…

Sam Meech
Sam Meech

I work a lot with video, but i tend to be as interested in the…

James Medd
James Medd

I’m an artist, musician, and maker based in Leeds, UK. I like to think my…

That’s the magic of the Lab – the ability to share ideas and desires with others who all have different skill levels and come at problems from different perspectives. There is an altruistic current flowing through everyone here.

Participant in Digital Media Labs 2015


Each lab produces a book with a visual essay depicting the weeks’ activities with artists reflections on their experiments and research through collective play.

Contact: to order a print copy (100 pages / perfect bound)




Some of the organisations we have collaborated with over the years as either commissioners, partners or supporters.


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