We began the morning with a group session, sitting in the sunshine, discussing our thoughts and problems – it felt like something between group therapy and an art school crit session – I got a little nostalgic!

The afternoon I devoted to developing a “system” for my cubes. I’d been showing a few people how to embroider and (apart from differences in skill level and dexterity that just come with practice) the main thing I noticed was that people tended to work the patterns in blocks instead of running along the lines (which is the most efficient way to work a blackwork pattern, think of a printer creating images line by line). This made me realise that I break patterns apart in my head all the time without even thinking about it. So I spent a few hours analysing how I build up patterns and then a few more hours expanding this into the 3D models – not simple working forwards and back but opposite sides simultaneously. It was quite difficult for me to think of what I was doing in this way but I’ve got some parameters to take away with me and develop. I’m thinking I’d like to apply these to some sort of computer modelling software so that I can quickly see all the possible internal patterns (the crossing threads) that can be created. I’m also thinking that I would like to turn these into actual physical sculptural works, which will add another set of parameters to take into account the restrictions of working by hand – you could end up with some beautiful networks of criss crossing threads that would be an absolute nightmare to make….

…Maybe i could use some sort of tweezers to guide the needles into places I can’t get my fingers because adding an extra level of manual difficulty is always a fun game…. Oh and I’ve got to pull apart a CD player when I get home to get the lense out to stick to the camera module to make it super macro… And I need to email Gemma about meeting up for more brainwave monitoring… And I must get online and find a decent MUD emulator… And start playing with pattern compression… that’s the 110 rule??… And have a go with that colour recognition software, can I get it to do patterns?…. wonder if I could add more cameras to the glove… And while I think about it……………..

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