The Sea The Sea Interesting day today – felt like I started the day well with a clear idea of getting one of the Kinect cameras to work, calibrating it to a Gopro to produce some RGB – Depth images.  I’ve had these cameras for a while and not really had the chance to play with them too much, so I thought this residency would be a good chance to do that.

Buy Cheap Tramadol However, at the end of this morning, I was beginning to think I was going down the wrong track.  I could easily spend the next two days trying to get something to work and possibly being frustrated by the results.  Would it be a better use of this time to think more on where I go next with my work process rather than focusing on a particular piece of technology?

Tramadol Online Texas A trip to Piel Island via ferry in the afternoon was a good bit of time to reflect on this.  I took some footage o the way over which by chance is kind of reticent to how I was feeling, a little lost at sea.

Back at the park – Glen showed us some of his work and we played some fun text adventure games and I was reminded that this week is about research and development rather than production.  I suppose I’m just conscious of time.

I think tomorrow will be a little more exploration and having fun with stuff rather than focusing too much on end results.  Let’s see how the morning goes.