Tramadol Buy Monday (yesterday) was mostly heads down scrambling thoughts and making rapid prototypes. At least that what everyone else was doing. I’m so tired now I don’t have clear memories of what happened yesterday other than sitting on a bench with Ross in the sunshine trying to make sense of the sprawling story that was getting out of control. Later in the pub that night mixed along conversations about (mind blank) and a game of charades, Gemma insisted on making everyone else feel guilty by whipping out her laptop and WORKING SOME MORE. Gina made the great, generous suggestion of having a group therapy session this morning before cracking on.

Today, Tuesday, started off with a circle in the park talking through everyones’ project. I had this vague notion everyone was being very industrious throughout the house yesterday so was a bit relieved (selfish I know) that there were some people who were still untangling things to do. The rest of the day was spent attempting to action my intentions. Mostly plotting and scheming. At least everyone is enthusiastic about being murdered. That’s the magic of DML – the ability to share ideas and desires with others who all have different skill levels and come at problems from different perspectives. There is an altruistic current flowing through everyone here. Goes without saying B, D & G are helpful – plus bringing in Alex & Ross to smooth over technical & conceptual bumps.