A large red hand is in the centre of the image and in the palm is an eyeball. The Director's name "Lars Von Trier" is shown, and the film title "The Boss of it All" is written in Polish.

Buy Ambien Online Mastercard Polish film poster for the 2006 film “The Boss of it All”.

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On Tuesday there was a discussion regarding a proposed kind of automated camera system, which Benedict has been developing with Andrey.
This stimulated thoughts regarding the purpose and scope of such a system.
A couple of links which came to mind:
In 2006, director Lars Von Trier used a system described as “Automatovision” to shoot his under-rated comedy “The Boss of it All”. The following links to an interview about his motivations for developing and working with this system, which at some level was to do with catching the actors off-guard or in an unperformed moment:
In 2007 my friend, (and former Digital Media Labs resident) filmmaker Tim Brunsden, had used Isadora software to create his MA project, the “Infinity Film” where software would select sequences of recorded video footage from a database: the resulting output was a kind of dream like semi-narrative sequence.
Another discussion centred on the potential for members of the public to poetically engage with their appearance within a CCTV type system (the Surveillance Camera Players from 2006 were mentioned).
“Shadowing” is an artwork created around 2013/2014 by Chomko and Rosier where shadows of unsuspecting members of the public re-appear autonomously and playfully underneath street lamps in the city (having been previously captured without any permission being granted.)
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