“Victoria Lucas’ art practice comprises video, installation and sound. She explores the transient nature of these mediums, allowing one to consider the ephemeral nature of existence against the passage of time. Lucas also creates sculptural works, which form static representations of a place, moment or memory; interrupting and immortalising the perpetual expanses of time.

Overnight Tramadol Visa Current themes in relation to these interests include the Sea, which for Lucas acts as both a marker of absence and as a metaphor for loss, erasure, and time itself. The Sea is intangible. Constantly remapping itself, the formations of peaks, troughs and sounds appear and disappear in the vast expanses of writhing space, before transforming to the next.

In other works, insects, animals, places and people are depicted as a way to retell histories, stories and events; evoking an understanding of human emotion. Expressions such as loss, desire, tragedy, failure, and love are found in objects, images, sounds. The everyday is retold, so that often mundane happenings become extraordinary occurrences.”

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By Tramadol Online The Search 2010 As part of the Swap Project at The Hepworth, Victoria Lucas creates a sound installation in response to Barbara Hepworth’s ‘Mother and child’ (1934).

In ‘The Search’, the artist and her two siblings strive to replicate the sound of their mothers laugh; a sound that they have Online Doctor Prescription Tramadol not heard for seven years since her death. Through their own inherited Order Tramadol Cod Overnight Delivery voices, they repeatedly search for the correct sequence of sounds.

A laugh is something that is unique to everyone, and remembering through reenactment preserves the memory of not only the sound, but also the person to whom it belonged. The transient nature of the voice as it fills the air and then dissipates allows one to consider the ephemeral nature of existence against the passage of time.