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Cheap Tramadol Fedex Overnight I keep trying to make sense of things by adopting pseudo-scientific strategies and anthropological methods of recording to analyse ‘how things are’. I work outdoors a lot experimenting with how far things are and how fast they move. I’m curious as to how our understanding of the physical world is shaped by the limitations of the body we inhabit and how that alters with the use of communication & recording technologies and transportation and am drawn to the contradictions that arise when we use these tools, instruments & guides. It touches on the relationships between the scientific and artistic approaches to making sense of the world and questions ideas around the notion of ‘truth’. So far the work has manifested as sound, video, performance, installation, films, drawing and photography. I’m currently working on a new commission involving people jumping up and down on far away islands in Finland and learning about the history of photography. See some of my work at