I am a visual artist who utilises the absurd in order to engage audiences in debate around issues such as the rhetoric of environmentalism, the temporal nature of art, what art is, or more aptly, where art is in the process of art production. Throughout my work, tactics of transparency and absurdity are developed to create a high level of audience engagement that often leads to dialogue. This is the first step towards new knowledge.

Order Ambien Online Uk My current work is structured around two central themes of investigation: ecology and the paradox of the art object. My interest in ecology (the economics of environmentalism and biodiversity) starts with an understanding that, although attitudes towards nature and landscape appear to be fixed, they are constantly shifting.  This engenders polarised debates where neither party is necessarily wrong, for example, those surrounding contested issues such as deforestation, global warming and population control. I believe that as the pinnacle of conspicuous consumption, ironically, the art object can function as a vehicle for considering the economics of ecology.

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