a VHS tape on top of a 1990's CCTV black and white crt monitor on top of a grey Sharp VHS player.

https://www.mominleggings.com/mk38lpa6om6 “Victor” (2003, John O’Shea.) A nightvision camera has been trained on a mouse trap and the footage is shown on a cctv monitor.


https://tankinz.com/8k6ejsu82fm On the first day we each gave a short update on our individual work/practice – all impacted to greater or lesser extents by events of the last 2 years.

Being rusty at “artist residency” situations I have forgotten to bring various cables including the one connecting my laptop to the projector, so I used the available laptop on the table.


After my presentation it was then accidentally revealed that the laptop I had used was covertly acting as a CCTV camera for the final, unannounced, residency participant: artist Hwa Young Jung (who is not in Leeds, but rather in South Korea.) An image was captured by Hwa Young of this moment.

Tramadol Order Overnight Later, I was able to set-up and share a work (“Victor”) I made back in 2003 where a night vision camera was trained on a mousetrap. This had been a an important early work in my development as an artist – involving a very direct engagement with the act of killing, and also the potential for technical systems (such as cameras) to themselves become a kind of coersive trap.

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https://asperformance.com/uncategorized/ghs44vd24 The remainder of the day was in two halves:

  • A walk into Leeds (where I was able to obtain the second (AV composite cable) that I needed on the market
  • And a series of discussions.

Tramadol Buy Online Europe Some points arising in the discussion that seemed to connect for me:

  • “Is there “any” good use for surveillance systems?” (Can the Masters House be dismantelled with the Master’s tools? Audre Lorde) Ben
  • Pervasive nature of CCTV in workplaces (Andre, employer asked that video be on to encourage “presence”; Holly, in context of bar, camera (viewed by manager) imposes unspoken demands, and also creates window for voyeurism.
  • A distinction I tried to open up was between Security systems(sytems of control) and Systems of Care…

Online Doctor Prescription Tramadol Some links:

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https://www.worldhumorawards.org/uncategorized/e90ypylg Evidence Locker: Jill Magid. Work made in Liverpool in 2004 where artist consented to be followed by the City’s sophisticated new Citywatch CCTV system. tp://www.jillmagid.com/projects/evidence-locker-2

Buying Tramadol Online Legal 3rdi: Wafaa Bilal. Following September 11 attacks in New York, artist temporarily had camera implanted into back of head, capturing one image per minute of that which was behind him, and sharing to the internet for all to see. https://wafaabilal.com/thirdi/


Life Lines (project at King’s College London) bringing tablet computers into palliative care environments during Covid-19 crisis: