This unique “digital media lab” experience of being surrounded by so many different and talented artists and seeing their approaches and experiments – which are quite different from my own – has been so immersive that even my semi-waking dreams this morning featured touch screens!  Concepts “touch” and “screen” have really permeated my thinking and all of a sudden a flood of ideas are bouncing around in my head and competing for... Read More

Social Systems

Spent most of today exploring particle systems, classes and functions in Processing.org which – whilst stimulating was also pretty frustrating!  1st job tomorrow: very clear list in pseudo code of EXACTLY what it is I am trying to build… Follow this link to a very interesting film from 1988 on Archive.org “Particle Dreams” (1:30) which represents a collection of dream sequences using a 3D particle simulation system – one computer processor was required... Read More

Pool Balls

Inspired (or provoked) by the physics modeling and general “bally-ness” which seemed to be a key feature of many of the software examples we looked at today, I thought I would have a go at tracking, mapping and replicating some of the movements and collisions taking place on an actual pool table using processing.org. The pool table is a kind of archetypal piece of furniture in the social spaces of youth centres, prisons and pubs which is approachable, understood... Read More