Introduction: Ellie Harrison

I am an artist based in Glasgow. I have just graduated from the Master of Fine Art (MFA) programme at Glasgow School of Art. My recent work seeks to react and respond to our political, economic and environmental climate, to consider our contemporary situation in light of developments in human history, whilst questioning the ethical implications of the role of the artist within this. By employing a variety of media including interactive installation, web-based work, collaborative... Read More

Eleanor Wier

Hello, I’m Ellie Weir, born the tail end of 1979,  in suburban London. I came to Hull in 1999 to study Animation at Hull School of Art & Design and I’ve stayed here ever since. I don’t think I can really call myself an artist, more a scribbler and doodler. I’ve had the good fortune to be involved in two art projects in the past: NESTA “pockets shorts” in 2004 and D:CODE “BBC Big Screen” project in 2005. I mainly work in Adobe... Read More

John O’Shea

I’m an artist and co-director Re-Dock ( who are a collective of artists working collaboratively to explore and make visible peoples imaginative processes in public space.  With Re-Dock I’ve collaborated on projects which have involved mapping people’s memories of the Leeds-Liverpool canal in a shopping centre, the installation a cinemas in an empty shops, and devising a game of rubgy for robots. I have just completed an AHRC Research Project... Read More

Ross Dalziel

I make artwork responding to technological and social spaces often trying to setup a dialogue or relationship between the two; Social groups like a canoeing club or bell ringers are used as material and a context to explore something; how a city works or a musical topography.  I’m interested in the development of technology and how we connect to it and how art relates to what Edward Tufte calls the “Envisioning of information”. I also like to use the warmth of humour or... Read More

David Priestman

My work has essentially taken two forms: filmmaking and installation. My films are short experimental works that mainly consider subjects such as structural form, post-structuralism, the home movie story, and the fairy tale.  I have particularly considered the relationship between human beings and the notion of ‘environment’ (the spaces we occupy), and explored this interaction both over a given time frame and within a permanent space. My installation work looks at the projection... Read More

Michael Day

“My practice is interdisciplinary and uses a wide range of media and technologies, including digital media, sound, installation, electronics and photography. Often, my practice positions itself between new media art and fine art, opening a conversation between two similar but often divergent approaches. My work is characterised by a visual economy and sense of displaced distance from the viewer, often highlighting moments of transit, stasis, solitude in space, and the passage... Read More

Lawrence Molloy

I am a visual artist who utilises the absurd in order to engage audiences in debate around issues such as the rhetoric of environmentalism, the temporal nature of art, what art is, or more aptly, where art is in the process of art production. Throughout my work, tactics of transparency and absurdity are developed to create a high level of audience engagement that often leads to dialogue. This is the first step towards new knowledge. My current work is structured around two central... Read More

Stuart Childs

I like things with wires. Taking / breaking apart, fiddling and tinkering, I’m fascinated by how things work and how they can be made to do other things. Definitely more hardware than software although code is just another puzzle to work out and modify. I am also interested in the social change that new technologies bring about. One particularly poignant example is the introduction of touch screens – now some young children think a television or screen is broken if... Read More

Victoria Lucas

“Victoria Lucas’ art practice comprises video, installation and sound. She explores the transient nature of these mediums, allowing one to consider the ephemeral nature of existence against the passage of time. Lucas also creates sculptural works, which form static representations of a place, moment or memory; interrupting and immortalising the perpetual expanses of time. Current themes in relation to these interests include the Sea, which for Lucas acts as both a marker... Read More

Bob Levene

I keep trying to make sense of things by adopting pseudo-scientific strategies and anthropological methods of recording to analyse ‘how things are’. I work outdoors a lot experimenting with how far things are and how fast they move. I’m curious as to how our understanding of the physical world is shaped by the limitations of the body we inhabit and how that alters with the use of communication & recording technologies and transportation and am drawn to the... Read More