Eleanor Wier

Hello, I’m Ellie Weir, born the tail end of 1979,  in suburban London. I came to Hull in 1999 to study Animation at Hull School of Art & Design and I’ve stayed here ever since.
I don’t think I can really call myself an artist, more a scribbler and doodler. I’ve had the good fortune to be involved in two art projects in the past: NESTA “pockets shorts” in 2004 and D:CODE “BBC Big Screen” project in 2005.
I mainly work in Adobe Flash and other vector-based graphics programs. I’ve made animations for mobile phones and conventional screen platforms. Most of the work I create tends to be a response to a commercial brief.  I’m hoping that I can adapt to a more profound way of thinking and working, so I can produce something worthy of artistic merit, and so I don’t show myself up too badly in front of the other artist in residence. I’m looking forward to participating in this residency, with nervous anticipation…

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