…through the medium of cats

Day 1: We were all introduced to Prezi this morning and left to have a fiddle. I didn’t have any content of my own to put into the presentation so just resorted to my fall-back position, pulling amusing imagery of cats off the internet (which is probably what I would have done anyway). I wanted to see if I could upload images with transparencies, with the idea of layering them up and zooming through pictures to the ones below, to create false depth. Although I didn’t really explore the idea very well, just had a tiny cat face inside a cat mouth. Tried uploading different file types to see what worked. Found out it takes flash shockwave files but not animated gifs. Didn’t really experiment with sound files because of time restrictions and my general lack of knowledge in this area. Put some links to youtube videos. Which worked suprisingly well, apart from the drawback that it seemed impossible to close the ads that pop up on the bottom of most youtube videos these days. Had the idea of making a giant cat mountain and scaling up it, learning cat facts along the way, but again didn’t come off too well.

Was going to embed my prezi but it’s 11:50 as I type this, my brain’s winding down so I can’t figure out how to do this. So here’s the link

I found Prezi very addictive and enjoyable to use. But there were small frustrating elements about using the interface, but I’m sure if I used it for longer these would soon disappear. Because the software is design for the purposes of creating elaborate slideshows and we only had an afternoon to play with it, I think a lot of people found the possibilities of it quite limited. But I’d definitely like to spend more time fiddling round on it for my own amusement.

Think I misspent the afternoon. Should have probably posted this entry but got engrossed at looking at the work of Silke Hilsing that Ross posted. Really fascinating stuff. Although I guess we won’t be working with anything like that.

I’ll have to develop the skill of posting blog entries. Think I’ve gone on a bit too long here :s

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