Sucked into the vortex of doom (for a bit).

Hit a wall of questions, complications and doubts. My flipant vortex of doom (yesterdays video made with Prezi), turned out to be more poignant than intended. After struggling to ‘find content’ to fill the touch screen with, i began to question the function, purpose and potential of the medium. I was becoming fearful of being seduced by the immediacy and novelty, creating what us labbers have come to know as ‘eye jazz’ (varying levels of screen saver, albeit playful ones). Questioning what the real value of the relationship is? I associate touch as an intimate and often gentle action that connects things bringing them closer, yet with the screens I’m becoming more aware of the surface / screen as a barrier, one that gives nothing away. I’m now thinking about the slow, the un-responsive, the sculptural, the messy and the real.

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