Thinking on the week its been amazing to be given the freedom to play with all kinds of materials and to remember that wandering round markets is where i love doing research; so thanks Hull for your wonderful pet shops, joke shops and Butchers stalls.

Markets help you really connect to the city your in; it’s a cliché but true!

I forgot to mention about the placement of touch screens; im really frustrated by the standard kiosk presentation format, so i think the apple box idea is just a model for me to start thinking of ways round it.

Generally Im excited by the potential of physical computing and love stuff that is visceral and physically present somehow; touch screens are the tip of the iceberg in a sense but their sensitivity and ability to allow delicate (to a degree) interaction with the visual is something I want to develop on.

But whats exciting for me is using these screens as one part of a strategy to control and engage with an image and then influence real physical objects

Thinking on my own healthcare projects here’s my tech wishlist for health centre art

  • Robotic Gardening – use a touch screen or BlobDetection to water plants in an external courtyard with a robotic arm
  • networked garden, visualising and browsing garden data feeds with touch screens bring living data into a healthcare setting, monitor and touch and ‘look after’ a garden in parrallel to the health centre doing the same for you
  • Touch screen artwork using objects to modify outdoor/courtyard lighting, motorised trees, robotic arms, trigger real bells in a local landmark or water rooftop plants; interact with imagery to generate action at a distance

Also thought of a HobDetection add on for the OpenCV library 😉

Untitled from Ross Dalziel on Vimeo.

Apples trigger stereo audio recordings of the local clock tower bells to signify realtime physical triggerring via a couple of arduino ethernet and XBEE shields

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