Cleaning The Surface.

Complete relief. I had a really constructive day and actually made some stuff. At an unearthly hour I read the article Ellie Weir had linked to yesterdays blog about how the core material Indium that goes into making touch screen technology work is running out. I found an image of this ‘Indium’ and have started playing around with ideas that relate to this and erasing, rubbing out and eradicating.

Myself and Ellie Harrison manged to get into the catering section at the college, where we did our best to make a mess on cooker hob so we could photograph it and transfer it to the touch screen for cleaning. I’ll post the results of both projects soon.

Both experiments have evolved out of my previous despair about making work with technology i’m not familiar and that i’m unsure if i like. Responding to the immediacy, the now, the wastfulness, the in/human and playfulness side.

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