Can’t Touch This

Untitled from Ross Dalziel on Vimeo.

Have finished a prototype touch screen model; its not a finished work by any means but a model of how I’d like to approach them.

Rather than based on visual elements that the touch screen can interact with I’ve thought of them as flat planes of control that can be accessed by the touch of other objects. In this prototype placing apples on 4 different areas trigger 4 different samples of the bells ringing near Hull college.

Im interested in using arduino and the internet to trigger these bells for real; interested in the potential of touch screens to control objects far away that are still perceivable ; the delay would be the latency of the internet and the time it takes for the sound to reach your ears…

Maybe radio or a boosted XBee could achieve this faster…

Would be great to be able to control and alter lighting outside of a hospital from a bedside touch screen or waiting room.. or imagine motorised sculptures in a courtyard.

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