Birds Eye

My ideas have begun to take shape today, and i’m really excited about the many possibilities of interactive film. With help from (techie) Ben I wrote a code using the Processing software, for an eye which blinks when you poke it. This piece references ideas surrounding the relationship between touching and feeling – even though another person isn’t directly effected by the touch action of the viewer (thankfully), the piece suggests that there is some human connection between what we are seeing on screen and the viewer directly engaging with it.

Stuart Childs and myself are collaborating on another piece, based on my idea of a window in a building that when touched could light up trees visible in the landscape beyond. I am currently building a model to demonstrate this, ad Stu is putting together the technology using an Arduino Board and LED lights.

I am also still thinking about other ways of engaging with people and spaces directly, through both the construction of sensory experiences using elements such as heat, light, smell, sound, pressure and movement; and also interactive video. Tomorrow I am going to play around with the possibilities of attaching touch technology to everyday surfaces, such as doors and bannisters. I shot some footage today of a flag and some birds taking flight. These two images suggest a breeze or a sudden movement; and so for example mounting a flat screen next to a door that is rigged to a sensor, will give the illusion of the birds flying away when the door is opened, or the flag animating the screen when a breeze from outside fills the space.

Im having such an amazing experience on this residency.

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