A Sensory Gift

Yesterday I was considering intangible space, such as in the mind or as a series of different spaces and timeframes. Today I have developed this initial concept further, taking an intangible connection and forming a linear thread; even if the two or more elements and not directly associated.

I like the idea of connecting spaces, people, or different time frames. Two unrelated moments, one of which is a direct result of the other. Some of the ideas I presented to the group today began with ordinary happenings; someone opening a door, operating a lift, or running their hand across the surface of a bannister. I also discussed the potential use of window panes in conjunction with touch screen technology, and how the act of pointing and touching the surface of the glass – whether it be with your finger, the tip of your nose, or your forehead – could potentially initiate a happening at the place, view or object that you are pointing/looking towards. I used a distant tree as an example, and how it could be lit when pointed at through the digitized glass.

Navigating a building through the use of practical surfaces is also something I am focusing on. The push point of a fire door could be used as a trigger to create a sensory moment elsewhere in the building; someone walking through the front door could trigger a sound in the lift, or the sudden smell of freshly cut grass in the hall. One person could unknowingly effect someone else’s sensory experience, changing the way that they think or feel for that small moment, no matter how subtle that may be. The thought of touching someone else’s life in someway in an everyday action such as rushing down the stairs and using the bannister as a support to me seems like a beautiful connection between two strangers, and something I would really like to create on this residency in some capacity.

Currently my work essentially captures moments in time, re presenting them to an audience often within a gallery context. Today I realized that this residency is offering the opportunity to physically create moments using touch screen technology, augmenting reality through sensory manipulation.

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