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Day 4: Visited the site of the Wilberforce Centre today. Couldn’t really hear a lot of what the site manager was saying because of the ambient noise. So spent the time aimlessly looking around at the interesting geometry of the metal skeleton of the building, and at some of the dilapidated buildings that surround the site. I know the building of this Centre is socially beneficial and will hopefully bring about an improvement in many people’s lives, but I felt sad that regeneration projects are bit by bit getting rid of these strangely beautiful areas of urban decays. But I guess areas of urban decay will always exist, and most people find them incredibly depressing.
Talked to Glenn a bit about the previous incarnations of the site and learnt it was Hull’s main museum for a while. It was flatten during bomb raids in WWII. It housed art and general objects of interest. Think Glenn said most of the exhibits had already started to migrate to other museums before the bombing, but some exhibits were buried in the bombing. Recovery teams managed to unearth them along with random personal belongings of the museum staff. Maybe I could think of an idea around this piece of history but nothing has come to mind yet.
Ben gave a very interesting talk about the innovative and terrifying ways in which new technologies can be used to interact with people and society. From faking biometric data (in the form of fingerprints), with melted gummy bears “gummy thumbs”, to government funded cyber warfare. I feel like becoming Amish now :s
Glenn showed me and Vicky how to record sound and how we can edit and play with it in various different softwares. It was surprising how quickly you can build up some very interest sounds. I’d quite like to experiment with sound in the future and see what weirdness I can create.
Spent the rest of the day googling and doodling. My new found relaxed attitude to work may be leading me astray. Saw the above picture of a work by artist Thomas Doyle on the popdrawer blog, and it reminded me of what people were staying earlier in the week about how touchscreens were a barrier to interaction. I like the idea of an animation of two people trying to communicate with each other and being prevented by the presence of a glass barrier. Ben’s “gummy thumbs” made me think about fingerprints and the patterns they make. I re-learnt that fingerprints have different pattern types. I’d quite like to work that into an idea somehow.
Think I need to plan out what I still need to do otherwise I won’t have much to show for my 5 days work other than a head full new information and ideas to digest. Think it might be a bit of a depressing task. I have a lot to do .
Oh!…and my presentation got moved to tomorrow morning because the day ran long. So still got that to look forward to, happy, happy, joy, joy!

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